Let's Chat on WhatsApp (Ladies ≤ 33, Gentlemen ≤ 35)


Please note that this is NOT an event. It is the end date for this round of chat room's registration.

People have been commenting that they have been enjoyed our Chat Room, but it is challenging to log in and out when they join more than 1 theme Chat Room, hence we created this as an alternative. Join this session
and meet other like-minded singles. You can CHAT with new friends FIRST before you “LIKE” each other via MUTUAL MATCHING. Here, it is more than first impressions - there will be plenty of opportunities to communicate and get to know each other better before you decide to “LIKE” the person.

This session is especially catered for ladies born on/after 1987 (e.g. 1987, 1988) and gentlemen born on/after 1985 (e.g. 1985, 1986). Participants will need to download WhatsApp and share with every participant your number.

3 reasons why this session is unique!

1. There will be a good gender balance with at least 20 participants.

2. All participants are legally single.

3. Most importantly, we do mutual matching after 2 weeks of chatting!

How does it work?

1. Sign up by 12 Aug 2020, 2359.

2. We will ensure there is a good gender balance and a minimum of 20 participants (e.g. 10 ladies and 10 gentlemen) before this session is made available.

3. All details will be sent to paid confirmed participants, via email by 18 Aug 2020, 2359 after the necessary ROM screening has been done. Please keep a look out in your email/ junk mail/ spam folder. Gentlemen will receive a list of Ladies' name and number and vice versa.

4. Start chatting with your found friends. You can request to exchange pictures or videos, but it depends on your partner whether he/ she is keen or not. Please do not impose on them.

5. Do complete the survey form by 26 Aug, 2359.

6. We will do mutual matching on our end and inform you by 28 Aug, 2359 about your mutual matches via SMS.


1. What is provided for the fee paid?

We will check that all the WhatsApp number provided are valid and mutual matching service.

2. If there are less than 20 participants and/or no gender balance, what will happen?

This session
will not be made available and the fee paid will be refunded.

3. If there is no one that I am keen on chatting with, will there be a refund?

No, there will be no refunds once the fee is paid.

4. Will there be profile picture provided?

We will strongly encourage all participants to upload their profile picture, to increase their chances of receiving messages and getting replies for their messages.

5. How many names am I able to indicate for the mutual matches?

There is no limit.

6. Is there any closing date for the chat session?

As it is on WhatsApp, unlike our Private Chat App, there is no official closing date, but we will advise participants to stop texting the other participants if it is not their mutual matches after 30 Aug. If there are other participants whom you find uncomfortable with, you can block them on WhatsApp.

If you are unable to purchase tickets due to tickets sold out, kindly register your interest on "Waitlist". You don't have to pay anything! You will be informed of any increase in capacity! For any inquiries, kindly email us at admin@completeme.com.sg or contact us at 81252321.

CompleteMe respects your privacy. In line with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act, we would like to inform you on how we will use your personal data:

  • Update you of in the events’ information which you have signed up for
  • Verify your marital status with ROM to ensure that you are legally single
  • Send you marketing information, such as upcoming events and activities. You can always unsubscribe yourself at the bottom of each newsletter.

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